Understanding the needs and expectations of our clients, we offer the right solutions whereas we create difference in the industry by being transparent and dynamic and by developing our products, services and employees.


In line with this objective, as ORKIDE Textile ;

– By closely following up the trends and technology, we aim at being a trendsetter brand that adopts the technological developments rapidly in the industry.

– Being a customer-driven company, we maintain an always-online communication with our clients in order to present them the right solutions as quickly as possible.


We aim at exceeding the expectations in terms of product quality by always-on-time production dynamism.

– We are always in progress thanks to our experienced and research-oriented team members. We develop our product range and technological infrastructure with a proactive approach.

– With faster services and products with higher quality as well as a broader client base, we target to become the best among our competitors.

– With an all time-educational approach, we trust the synergy between our employees; and we also encourage them to take responsibility for creativity and teamwork in order to achieve higher performance.

– We own our employees emotionally and make sure they feel that they really make a difference in the world.

Technical Know-How

We aim at developing new markets within the sector with new products with a high level of technical know-how.

– We assure our product and service quality by assessing customer satisfaction.

– We assess risks and take precautions in order to maintain information security.

– We give great importance to know-how in order to turn experiences into performance.

– We maintain safety with a range of precautions we take.

– We prioritize sustainable production and social responsibility requirements thanks to our environment-friendly products and recycling-based waste policy.